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Lockdown Life: Spring/Summer 2020

Apparently I have loads of time on my hands now, and it is government-ordered! So I decided to start a Blog... I get asked sooo many questions about how I manage working in so many different places and doing so many different things. Good question, sometimes I ask myself the same thing!...We can come back to that in another post.

Basically, I am my best-self when I am busy.

So really, in Lockdown I haven't always been 100%

I mean, who has? ...Right?

I started off with all the best intentions... I claimed loud and proud - my Website would finally go live, my Tax Return would be done early and my house would be spotless!

Side note - This was all alongside setting myself up for online classes and constantly updating my practice to make classes better for both my clients/students and me. Zoom has tested my patience many a time over the last 10 weeks, haha!

And for the most part, that was the case. I redesigned and published my website in one day, and I worked hard and deep-cleaned the whole house, one room per day and even re-painted some rooms!! I worked bloody hard in April to get my stuff together.

Then comes the slump of May... days, and occasionally, a whole week of no real motivation. The only thing I could really concentrate on was work. And even then, I would put things off until the last minute - not how I normally work! I hate causing myself stress like this!

And I decided today that I have to force myself out of this funk I've been stuck in (that was such an Americanism, sorry!) because I am sick of moping around and not being bothered! So after I've finished teaching online across this weekend I am going to crack on and get back on the cleaning routine, self care and work routines that I need in my life!!

We have been very lucky that so far no-one very close to us has been seriously ill due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And I am soooo thankful that this is the case - feel like I need to tell you this because otherwise I sound un-sympathetic. Trust me, I am NOT! My husband, Jay, is a key worker. He works as a Pharmacy Manager - yes, he has a "real job"!!

And we do need to be careful that he doesn't bring any germs home with him - but other than that we have been lucky enough to not really be affected other than me not being able to work...but we won't go on about that! I'm sure you are all well aware of the lack of consideration and lack of support our government have given the Arts industry...that's a post for another day too!

I thought this was going to be a really positive blog post... ooops! I promise the next lot of posts will be!!

Anyway, my plan for this Blog is to write about all the different aspects of my job and what I do. Let me know what kinds of other things you want me to blog about and I will try to make it happen!

Thanks for reading!

Susy x

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